Spencer Longo: All Access


I swallow a ginkgo biloba herbal memory supplement with bottled water as I open my aging laptop.

My GoPro camera begins uploading video from the weekend.

I share it online.

I send a customer service email to Amazon about a missing package.

I upload my novel to a self-publishing service and wait for the money to start rolling in.

I have All Access.


Smart Objects presents All Access, a solo exhibition of new works by Spencer Longo. 12.12.13 – 1.18.14

For All Access, Longo has created a series of works that consider the distribution of product and data as it moves through networked structures and online services. The iconic Amazon.com logo and traditional brick-and-mortar anti-theft devices combine in a wall installation ruminating on the materiality of the rapidly expanding, invisible real-estate of the world’s largest online retailer. The automated, self-publishing service Lulu.com is exploited in a second work, consisting of printed books banned from the Kindle Direct Publishing platform for content deemed illicit by Amazon, and objects confiscated by TSA airport security-- specifically items documented and posted to their official Instagram account. A third work brings popular prosumer-grade motion and video recording devices into composition with over-the-counter memory and concentration-enhancing herbal supplements, exploring perceptual shifts aided and altered by live-stream recording and broadcast technologies.

Spencer Longo is a Los Angeles-based artist who uses the architectures and aesthetics of global network services to create objects, images and text reflective of the relationships and patterns native to these structures. In addition, he works collaboratively on projects as a member of The Jogging. Recently his work has been included in Sneakerotics, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong; Rematerialized, New Galerie, Paris with Dis Images; Temporary, Perfect Present, Copenhagen; Soon, The Still House Group, New York; Dis Images Stock Photography Series, Suzanne Geiss Company, New York; and Go With The Flow, Favorite Goods, Los Angeles. His work has been featured in Rhizome, Dis Magazine, O FLUXO, and Dazed & Confused.