Derek Paul Jack Boyle: Unease

Derek Paul Jack Boyle // Unease ~ 10.27 – 12.15


The estate of unease. The lights are on all night and it's far too hot, so chill the boots.

I build images out of things left behind. The objects we have end up having us, so have at them. All lawn chairs will eventually be tossed, for better or worse.

The hand is broken, the line is woozy, the form is lost and found. Surfaces are hardened.

Switching between black and white so fast that gray comes out.

I'm letting my channels be changed.



Derek Paul Jack Boyle (b. 1985, Cambridge MA) received his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI and his BA from Emerson College in Boston, MA. Boyle's work has been featured in the New York Times, VICE Creators Project, Elephant Magazine, WYNC/NPR's Radiolab, and recently exhibited at Reed College RAW Festival and Brown University Pixilerations Festival. Boyle is one half of Meatwreck, a photographic and video studio with visual artist Mitra Saboury. Recent exhibitions include: Can’t Fix Broken (duo), Alter Space, San Francisco; All the Small Things, Steve Turner, Los Angeles; You Catch More Flies with Arsenic Than Honey, Club Pro, Los Angeles; Thin Places, SMART OBJECTS, Landers, CA; Roleplay (solo), SMART OBJECTS, Los Angeles; Wwwest, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York; Plainly to Propound, Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles.