Mitra Saboury: Touch Everything

SMART OBJECTS presents Touch Everything, a solo exhibition of new work by Mitra Saboury.

April 24 - May 22 

Punch the wall. Scrape it bruise it paint it wash it lick it. It’ll just stand there and take it. It might even enjoy it – it’s character building. If it's a receptive wall it will age like skin, absorbing oil and sun, deflecting wind and holding rain. Its color dissolves while its outside layers loosen and flake through repair.

In Touch Everything, old walls create new spaces. Using a variety of media, Saboury fuses her body with the built environment, revealing its cracks and crevices, confronting physical restrictions and confinements with intimacy.

Mitra Saboury holds her MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London (2013), and her BS in neuroscience from University of Pittsburgh (2010). Group shows include Victoria House, “The Future Can Wait” 2014; Saatchi Gallery, “Jealous Graduate Award” 2014; and future show at Whitechapel Gallery, “The London Open” 2015. Saboury was awarded the International Women’s Erotic Art Prize 2014, MAstars Axisweb award 2013, and featured in Edward Lucie-Smith and Zavier Ellis’ “100 London Artists” 2014. She currently lives and works between Los Angeles and London.